The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #57

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Hello All,

Happy Autumn! My second favourite season (after Spring) is here and I couldn’t be happier. I do love Summer but OMG Sydney, your humidity kills me! I need to move somewhere that has Autumn or Spring conditions all year. Hawaii maybe??

A new season signals a fresh start and I’m feeling good about the months ahead. My stars this week said that “people fail to recognise how useful, even precious ‘nothing’ can be” and that I should “do nothing” this month. Oh how I wish!

Anyway, onto this week’s lovely links… I’ll wait for you to boil the kettle…

Speaking of doing nothing, this advice from six experts on why it’s so important to just stare out a window, and do nothing was just what I needed after reading my stars!

I was lucky enough to see Brene Brown speak this week at a Business Chicks workshop event so I had to watch her TED talk on vulnerability again, and again!

If you’ve ever lived overseas, you would have no doubt missed these 23 Australian Foods! Except maybe the Chiko Roll!

According to this article, you can learn how to be happy with just 4 skills!

“Our kids remind us to squint and see the world with fresh eyes; sometimes it’s amazing and sometimes we are just too damned tired and rushed to take it all in.”  I loved this article – This Is Parenting and I’ve been feeling exactly like this lately.

And finally, Easter will be here before we know it and I’m wondering how many kms I’d need to run to burn off  this Creme Egg McFlurry!

What’s your favourite season? Are you a Creme Egg Fan too?

Do you think you can learn to be happy? 


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20 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #57

  1. Oh I remember missing twisters and chips when I was overseas.
    One thing I wouldn’t miss would be the beetroot on a burger though.
    You just made me happy to remember my world travels from like ever ago.
    Thank you.
    Have a wonderful weekend lovely xx

    1. Aww, glad I helped you reminisce lovely. I used to hate beetroot on a burger too, but now I really like it! Hope your wk end was fab! xx

    1. Oh I love NZ! Not sure I could do a full winter though! Unless I was in Queenstown with my snowboard haha! xx

  2. Oh I think I’m a little too good at sitting & doing nothing! Some days I need a good kick up the bum to get motivated & moving… Yep these hot days are draining & it looks like we’ve got another week of warm temps coming up, can’t wait for the cooler change.

    1. Me too lovely. Bring on those crisp mornings huh! Won’t be long and I’ll be complaining about the cold haha! xx

  3. When in Poland for a month a few years back after other parts of Europe, we found a bakery with garlic bread. We purchased the lot and didn’t realise how much we had all missed something so simple.

  4. Oh to have a moment to do nothing!! How lovely. I missed most of those Aussie foods when I lived away except of course the chicko roll & not passionate fan either!! Summer used to be my favourite season until we moved up here now I suspect it might be winter!! Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a great weekend. X

    1. Winter up there will be lovely! Can’t believe I used to eat Chicko rolls! Urghh! Hope you had a fab wk end lovely xx

  5. Oh to do nothing. I had a boss when I was at Uni would would go to a silent retreat each year to do nothing, sit in silence and maybe mediate or do a little yoga. She was the most extraverted person I knew at the time…but even as an introvert it actually doesn’t sound that appealing to me. lol

    1. Oh I would do that in a heat beat, but I think it would be super challenging! I’d miss my internet connection too much too haha!

  6. Do you know I have never tried a creme egg? I’m not the biggest chocolate fan. One year when I was a kid, my sister found my easter eggs from the previous year hidden underneath my bed {I’d just forgotten about them}.

    1. Oh my gosh.. that is something that will never ever happen to me! If you’re not a chocolate fan then Creme eggs will be way too sweet for you I think. They are way too sweet for me and I’m a huge sweet tooth! Hope you had a fab wk end lovely. xx

    1. Awesome Autumn is so far fabulous! Although you wouldn’t know it with these summer like days! So beautiful. Hope yours was fab too! xx

  7. Oh… can’t wait to discover Sydney another time of the year! Everyone is enjoying the australian food (except the vegemite sorry no!) and tea here! I’m still struggling with jetlag but I’m full of inspiration after our amazing trip.
    xx cathy
    ps i have a nice pic of your daughter i will email it to you very soon.

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