The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #58


Ultimate rabbit hole

Hello All,

Happy Happy Saturday!

Another week has flown by… have you noticed the mornings getting darker? It’s not long until daylight savings ends and that makes me a bit sad. But only 2 weeks until Easter (where calories don’t count right??!)

Last week I saw Brene, which I’m still buzzing about and this week I got to see Australian of the Year, equality advocate, David Morrison AO speak at an International Women’s Day breakfast. He was incredible and I can see why he’s our Australian of the Year!

I’m looking forward to catching up on some blog reading over the weekend. Here’s some links to get your weekend started…

First up, do you suck at giving and receiving compliments? This advice may help.

Here’s why having it all kinda sucks!

Have you ever wondered why some people seek out travel and adventure and some happily stay put never leaving their home towns? Maybe wanderlust is in our genes?

I had no idea there were so many uses for teabags!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Karin’s Mummy Soul Sessions… well now this clever gal has started a Mummy Soul Sessions Podcast! Featuring our gorgeous Dr Sash, it’s awesome!

Feaster is only 2 weeks away, gosh didn’t that creep up! To get your Feaster on, check out Sammie’s awesome recipe round up of Easter Treats.

And if that’s not enough Easter for you, check out Boiled Eggs & Soldiers Aussie Easter Ideas Round Up of recipes and cute craft.

I’ve also got something planned for next week on the blog sharing my favourite thing about Feaster so stay tuned for that.

Do you know any awesome uses for teabags? What’s your stance on women having it all? Do you suck at taking compliments? Are you a wanderluster or more of a stay put kinda person?


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20 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #58

  1. I totally never knew all that about tea bags
    I knew about 2 but the other 13 are mind blowing, thank you I’ll be trying a few of them for sure.
    She’s a clever duck that Karin, loving her new podcast.
    And, I’m loving just how gorgeous you girls are…
    Sharing and inspiring each other that is the best medicine for self sabotage, amazing friends that encourage.
    Very glad to hang with you all.
    Have yourself a gorgeous weekend lovely x

    1. Aww.. that is so very sweet of you huh. Totally made my day! We absolutely love hanging with you too! Have a fab week and see you next week down the rabbit hole. xx

  2. Such awesome links! Loved the one about the teabags – talk about learning something new every day, I just learned lots of new things! I loved your Brene Brown wrap up – it’s eased my FOMO considerably. Thanks for sharing my Feaster round up, I can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve next week. Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend! x

  3. I definitely think wanderlust is in your genes, and I inherited it from my dad for sure! I can’t believe Easter is only 2 weeks away, man that has snuck up fast!

    1. I totally agree with you Jess! I got mine from both parents. Have a fab week and thanks so much for stopping by xx

    1. Oh you will love it Krissy. Its like having a cuppa tea with a good friend. And its totally messing with my head too that Easter is in March! xx

  4. Big fan of tea bags in the eyes, and I’ve always put them in pot plants and people thought I was mad. Didn’t know about the other stuff. Panicking about Easter as I type this even though I won’t have my kids thanks to stupid NT school holidays.

    1. You’re not mad at all Bronnie… you were just ahead of everyone else. I never thought to put them in plants… genius! I haven’t done tea bags on my eyes for ages but really want to badly now! Have a fab week ahead! xx

  5. Thank you sooo much for the love on the podcast. I am really happy it has been shown so much love. I can’t understand people who don’t want to see the world. Baffled! I need to read about these genetics to understand. x

    1. I don’t get it either hun. Imagine being in one place your whole life! Can’t wait for the next podcast! xx

  6. I am NOT ready for Easter yet especially since that means school holidays here in VIC and I’m definitely not ready for them! Off to read your link about teabags

    1. Oh I wish it was school holidays here over Easter. We have Easter then 2 weeks of school then holidays… its messing with my head a bit! xx

  7. Oh! I’m excited for Easter! I wanna read that article for Easter gift ideas for babies and kids. I’m imagining happy innocent faces already.

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