The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #59

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Hello Hello,

One week until Feaster! Don’t you just wanna bite the ear off bunny above?! Gosh I do! I’m so looking forward to 4 days off with the fam. And secretly stealing the kids Easter Eggs! {Please tell me you do that too?!}

We had the first glimpse of Autumn weather this week, I even wore pants for the first time in ages, and it was such a welcome relief. I’m sure we’ll all be complaining about the cold weather in no time!

Here’s your weekend reading… enjoy!

Kicking off with this interesting read from Ellen at Potential Psychology – 5 psychological reasons you’re not an introvert or an extravert. 

These 7 things your kids will remember about you when they’re grown up were an eye opener. I must remember to put that phone down!

It seems like every second person is talking about the Konmari method so these life changing clothing organisation tips caught my eye. I’ve been doing number 8 and 37 for a while now… life changing!

And while we’re on this theme, here’s 16 things every woman needs to remove from her closet, stat!

No doubt you’re sick of hearing about the USA presidential election, but if you only read one more thing, make sure it’s this open letter to Donald Trump from Humans of New York founder, Brandon Stanton.

If you’re hosting an Easter get together, these DIY Glitter Easter Eggs would make the most gorgeous centre piece.

And finally, something new I’m listening to and loving is Matt Corby’s new album. Makes me think of Jeff Buckley.

Do you steal your kids Easter Eggs? {be honest]. What have you been listening to lately?


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13 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #59

  1. Great links this week. I’ve been thinking a lot about decluttering & organizing lately so these tips are super handy. I also need to put the phone down more often too & really pay attention to what it is I’m inadvertently teaching my kids, thanks for the reminder.

  2. You can have the bunny’s ear, but just promise you’ll let me eat the rest of it, kay?! Loved those closet posts – mine is a disaster area! Brandon’s letter to Trump was the best, I wanted to step up from my computer and give him a standing ovation! Bon Weekend! x

    1. He’s an incredible individual isn’t he! And the rest of bunny is all yours! I’ll get into the creme eggs ha! xx

  3. Guilty…. Yep I sneak a few eggs for sure.
    I’m loving the organising post, I just love being organised then you have no excuses to just live life and enjoy every minute. Happy Easter lovely xx

  4. Can I confess that I have bought myself two egss just for me… and bought some wee ones but have been eating a few a day. Sorry kids. I just couldn';t resist all those gorgeous dark chocolate eggs in Aldi… but now have got some for the kids too. I might share some of mine with hubby – or pretend one is his.

    DESPERATE for a change of pace here.

    1. Haha! I’ve been sneaking mini eggs for weeks now Seana! It’s half the fun of Easter tucking into the kids stash! xx

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