The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #61

the ultimate rabbit hole

Hello Hello!

Welcome to April! I hope you all had a fabulous Easter. We had the best long weekend. And now it’s freakin April. What the? Daylight savings ends tonight which makes me kinda sad. Now we have to watch the days get shorter and colder. But on the upside, out come the ugg boots and winter fashion which I love! Always an upside huh!

Let’s jump straight down the rabbit hole…

One of my Winter goals is to finish the photography e-course I started. This guide on how to shoot on manual is a good start to get me back into it.

I used to pride myself on being punctual but these days, I find we’re always 5-10 minutes late! So I loved these 8 secrets of people who are always on time . I’m not sure I could pre-plan 5 days of outfits in advance, but some of the others are totally do-able.

What does your profile picture say about you? This post on the 8 profile pictures you should never post has spurred me to change my profile pic ASAP. Guilty of a few of these!

Just when I thought we were done having babies…  I saw these 23 sibling photo shoots that will make you want another baby. Oh my overies!

Every second person is talking about Instagram’s new algorithm this week. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about and where best to spend your time in social media land, check out this post – 2016 social media trends – winners & losers.  Sounds like Snapchat is where it’s at!

Like so many of us, I struggle to find time for the things I love. But this article The ‘Ideal unwind': A wellbeing strategy for busy women was really motivating and has me thinking about it all differently.

What does your profile pic say about you? What’s your ‘Ideal unwind’? Do you do Snapchat? Are you always on time?


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22 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #61

  1. I find it hard enough just juggling Facebook & Instagram I don’t think I’ll be using any of those others anytime soon. I’m fairly certain we’re done with having more babies, but as my youngest is moving more into toddler & away from baby I kinda think what if….. However the two I have drive me mad most days so I get snapped back to reality pretty quickly. I’ve just become an aunty again last week so for now I’ll get my baby fix there :)

  2. Good on your for doing a photography course! I’m still very much on auto ;) Good luck with it. The article on profile pictures is funny. I’m so the passive user. Must do something about that. I don’t really *get* snapchat. My teen has been using it for ages, and I’m sure she wouldn’t want me there. I’ll be sticking with inta, pinterest and facebook for now. It’s about all I can cope with. Enjoy your weekend lovely. x

  3. Yes I LOVE snapchat. I only just made a public profile though and I find it hard to switch between that and my everyday private one because I use it to share moments with my family overseas as well as my hubby who works away. If only snapchat had the multiple accounts like Instagram now does!

  4. What awesome links! I loved the one about the people who are never late. I am always late, although never intentionally, of course! The profile pic was funny, I’m guilty as charged – especially as my current pic is with Pluto in Disneyland! Goodness knows what that says about me… Nothing good I expect! As for Snapchat, I can just about keep up with Facey, Instagram and Pinterest, I need another few hours in the day if I’m going to start snapchatting!

    1. Tell me bout it! Ain’t no one got time for Dat! I love your profile pic. Dont go changing it…. at least until your trip; )

  5. Haha…guilty of some of those profile pics but don’t really care if no one else likes my cats! :P Need to bookmark the link to the wellbeing strategies…goodness knows I need some! Don’t think I’m going to be jumping on the snapchat bandwagon anytime soon

  6. I think I have done 4 courses now trying to get my camera off auto but I just can’t. I do have an awesome book called Beyond Snapshots that is my go to because nothing sticks in my head. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! x

    1. I know what you mean… I try so hard to remember stuff but it just does not stick! I’ll have to look up that book. Is that the one you reviewed once before?
      Thanks for the suggestion lovely xx

  7. I’m so happy daylight savings is over – we’re back to being only 2 hours behind you east coasters now! I can’t see myself jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon (yet). It’s hard enough finding time for FB, Twitter, IG and Pinterest! Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

  8. Snapchat, is way down my list. I love Pinterest and spend most of my time there, but it does all depend on what you want to use each platform for.
    Who knows maybe I’ll succumb to taking a good look at Snapchat in the future.

    1. Me neither Nicole. But a good reason to try it is to keep up to date with what kids these days are up to. Gotta keep tabs on where they are playing! xx

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