The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #62

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Hello lovely ones,

How was your week? The first week after 2 short weeks and the first week of non-daylight savings was always going to be tough. I hope you got through ok.

We’ve had a bit going on lately… Master 4 had his first game of soccer, he scored a goal… for the other team {That’s my boy}.

My Dad and his wife visited from South Australia which was lovely. And I currently have 7 party invitations on my fridge, of which only one is mine. My kids social life is my social life right now!

I’ve been reading lots of fab bits & pieces this week, here’s some of the good stuff…

I loved this post on Champagne Cartel from Dr Sash – 7 highly effective habits of kick arse women.

I wish someone would make me these sweet potato nachos!

These photos of the original hipsters discovered in ancient Rome gave me a laugh!

After I finish those sweet potato nachos, I’d love someone to make me this Fro-Yo Bark!

I so needed to read these 7 strategies for shopping smarter. 

A must read for working mums – This is to you, the mum who leaves for work.

I just started reading Mrs Woog’s book, Primary School Confidential.

And finally, if you wan’t some new music to listen to, give The Hilltop Hoods new one a whirl.

Are you a smart shopper? Do your kids have a better social life than you? Have you read any good books lately?


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12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #62

  1. Yay for soccer, we started last week too, it was so fab, this is my guys second year, he loves it like crazy and he scored 12 goals! don’t worry he used to score them for the other team too last year.
    (Lets hope he gets a couple today, or their will probably be a full blown meltdown)
    Perhaps that was just a very amazing fluke!

    Totally agree, kids can have the most amazing party schedule, my guy often has more than me.

    I do like the post on working mum’s, I can relate to a lot of that, and then the last line just nails it.

    Happy weekend lovely. xx

    1. Oh its so expensive isn’t it! All the pressies you have to buy. So happy to see Target had a buy one get 50% off the second on toys today! xx

  2. Today when my husband said we were going out our 4 year old said that she was going to a party . She has a busier social life than all of us with a party each week for the last 2 months . I cant wait to finally start reading Mrs Woogs book this week .

  3. I love those shopping smarter tips! I am the world’s worst shopper as you will see if you ever look in my wardrobe! I must get Mrs W’s book, I’ll need some light relief after “When Breath Becomes Air” and how good are those nachos. I’m definitely going to give those a go! Hope you had an ace weekend x

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