The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #63


ultimate rabbit hole

Happy Happy Saturday!

1 week of school holidays down, 1 to go. (in NSW anyway). It’s been lovely spending some time with my big girl, but the juggle with work is tricky I must say. Thank goodness for grand parents and wonderful friends! We simply couldn’t do it without our village. Big shout out to all the ‘Villagers’ out there!

Lots happening around the web lately… here’s some of the good stuff…

If you’re a ‘should’ person like me, then this read from Ellen at Potential Psychology is one you really ‘should’ read.

Anzac Day is just around the corner and you simply can’t go past a batch of traditional Anzac Bikkie’s. {They must be chewy in my book}. But if you’re looking for something a little different, check out this amazing Anzac recipe round up from Sammie!

Remember the book Go The Fuck To Sleep? If you loved it, you’re likely to love this hilarious new book for parents who just aren’t getting any!

If you crave Time Alone, you’ll love this post from Bron.

Someone that does aging well is Cameron Diaz who says … “the best way to age is to live”. See what else she has to say here on aging well and trusting your gut.

This one really got me thinking, and then putting on my shoes and leaving the house to go and live!

And finally, I loved this read from Rach (aka Mumma McD) on the agony and ecstasy of making mum friends and can so relate.

How do you steal time for yourself? Will you be baking a batch of Anzac Bikkies? What’s your one tip for aging well?


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8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #63

  1. Everyone needs a village. I totally get it.
    It’s such a juggle, enjoy the weekend with your family.
    Oh I just loved that book, I’m totally off to check this one out, thank you lovely.
    Have an awesome weekend. x

    1. It was a fab read wasn’t it. Really got me thinking. Hope your week ahead is a bit better than last week. Xx

  2. My best anti-aging tip would have to be to stop saying “I can’t wait until…”. I realised last year that I was saying it and focusing so much on the future that I was missing bits of the present. Definitely a tricky habit to get out of!

    Enjoy your last week of school holidays! xxx

  3. I loved Bron’s post and thanks for the shout out on my Anzac post. I’ve got something new up my sleeve but of course, I’ve been a bit slow off the mark so will have to wait for the great unveiling on the blog next Anzac Day! LOL! My ageing tip is refusing to grow up – it works for me, anyway! Happy Weekend, gorgeous x

    1. That’s the best tip ever! My hubby’s grandad who lived to 100 said his secret was to never go to a doctor and to eat meat every night. Hmm not sure I’ll take his advice but not worked for him! Xx

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