The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #64

Ultimate rabbit hole

Hi All,

Happy Happy Saturday and Happy Happy Long Weekend!

I’m cheering right now because I don’t normally work Friday’s or Tuesday’s and with the Monday public holiday – hello 5 day long weekend! It’s like Easter all over again, but without chocolate and hot cross buns.

We survived the second week of the school holidays and I must say I’ve rather enjoyed the break from making lunches and staying on top of every little detail and all those school notes! Oh all the notes!

I hope you have some fab plans for the long weekend including taking a moment to remember exactly what April 25th is all about.  Miss 6 has taken a keen interest this year after learning about Anzac Day at school. It’s so important we keep the Anzac spirit alive through the generations.

Let’s get into some reading for your long weekend shall we…

I’ve been meaning to try cooking zoodles but just keep forgetting… then I saw this recipe for almond butter veggie zoodles! I shall be trying this one very soon!

You must check out these re-creations of famous fashion photographs. Oh Audrey!

I devoured these 16 classic movie one liners from women but it’s missing a few, like “I carried a watermelon”!

You know how much I love my Yoga and being zen and all that. But sometimes, I could totally do with some Rage Yoga!

Monday’s suck! Except when it’s a public holiday Monday. But generally, who likes Monday’s? Here’s 5 ways to increase your motivation to work on Mondays!

Working Mums Collective Magazine, Issue 2 is now out… get it here! Such a fabulous read.

And finally, one for the mumma’s… This stage of life? It’s hard!

How do you deal with Monday’s? What are you doing on Anzac Day? What’s your favourite classic one liner from a women in a movie?


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10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #64

  1. Woohoo for a super long weekend! I too have a long weekend as I don’t work Thursdays or Fridays AND next week is my last week at work…eeeeek!

    And you will totally love zoodles Shannon! I’ve heard sweet potato noodles are good too! xx

    1. Oh my gosh, next week is your last week.. that has come around so quickly. Prob not for you but it has for us! Sweet potato noodles sound amazing too. Must try them! xx

  2. I’m loving the look of those zoodles, we started zoodling for the first time this week and they were a big hit in this house, even though we just served them with some spag bol. Those Monday morning motivations are right on too. Happy long weekend lovely!

    1. Ohh serving them with spag bol is a good idea. I’m hoping I can fool the kids. Hope your long wk end was fab! xx

  3. I’m going to have to check those zoodles out too. Yay for long weekends and yay for even longer ones. We are off to the dawn service on Monday always an honour to see the sun come up at dawn that day and maybe a few rounds of two up in the afternoon. Have a great long, long weekend. X

    1. Oh yes, they always go missing. Thankfully the school has an app now but there’s still so many paper notes! xx

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