The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #66

Ultimate rabbit hole

Hello smiley happy people!

How are you all? I hope you’ve had a fab week.

Mother’s Day tomorrow! My favourite day of the year. I’m looking forward to a sleep in {wishful thinking I know!}, reading, lots of cuddles from my2morrows and then escaping in the arvo for a late Mother’s Group girly lunch.

But I know Mother’s day can be tough for some, for many different reasons. So if it’s not all smiles and sunshine for you, I’m sending love and hugs your way.

Let’s jump into this weeks reading…

It’s not even officially Winter yet but I feel like I’ve already put on the extra layer! Here’s some tips on how to avoid that extra layer this winter.

I’m not that old, but I’m already regretting a few of these top 37 things you’ll regret when you’re old! Forgoing sunscreen is a biggie!

Am I the only one that didn’t know Zayn from 1D was with uber model Gigi Hadid? I had no clue until I saw these most gorgeous met gala photos.

I’m so hooked on podcasts, it’s all I listen to on the bus these days and thanks to Lauren from Life at Number Five, who shared this post down the rabbit hole last week, I’ve added a whole stack more to my listening list.

Ever wondered how often you should be washing your bras, bedding, pj’s, towels and jeans? Wonder no more!

Have you ever tried to change something in your life and failed miserably. Kelly Exeter speaks about the beauty of making change slowly. This just make so much sense!

If you’ve left your Mother’s Day shopping till the last minute, let Karen help you out with some gift inspiration and Tash from Gift Grapevine has rounded up some fantastic free Mother’s Day printables.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? Do you think you’ll regret anything when you’re old?


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18 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #66

    1. Hope you got your Mother’s Day wish lovely. My hubby put the kettle on but I had to make my own cuppa ;) He still needs more training clearly :)

  1. It’s just going to be me and the little man this Mother’s day so I will be soaking up the time with him, and probably eating his toast crusts for breakfast lol…but actually.

    I hope you have a wonderful and well-deserved Mother’s Day Shannon!!! xx

    1. Thanks sweet lady! I hope you enjoyed your little guy today. Not long and your little princess will be here to turn your world upside down in the best kinda way! xx

    1. The met is the best by far. I love when the stars take such big risks. And I love that they have a theme! Love me a dress up theme! :)

    1. I have no doubt you are a laundry queen. I’m on my way but still much to learn. thanks for the mother’s day wishes. One day I’ll be as awesome as you are and do the Mother’s Day classic. but for now… sleep in calls! xx

    1. Oh I hear ya! I was flipping through a mag at the hairdressers and didn;t recognise any of the celebs. Must be getting old! xx

    1. That sounds perfect Sanch. The handmade cards and gifts are always the best! I got a hand made wooden coat hanger from Master 4. So precious! xx

  2. I’m so excited that we are escaping the Canberra winter and moving to Sydney. We need the heater on already in Canberra, and yet last weekend whilst we were up in Sydney it was 27 degrees. Oh man, I am so looking forward to never having to scrap ice off my car window in the morning ever again.

    1. Oh my… that is super exciting! I always visit Canberra for work in July every year and always always get my packing wrong and never pack enough layers. It’s so freakin cold in July. I remember going for a walk around the lake and it was so cold I ran just to get warm! Very excited to see you become a Sydney-Sider. Hope to meet you IRL at some stage! Till then, keep warm lovely. And happy Mother’s Day! xx

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