The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #68

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Hello lovely ones,

Happy weekend! Yippee!

It’s been a quiet week for me on the blog as I’ve been battling the lurgy. Damn kids and their germs! Luckily I’ve been able to work from home, it really does take so much pressure off and allows me to go slow which is just what the doc ordered.

After a few early nights reading in bed, I found some fab bits & bobs this week…

I’ve never been the type that’s into the drama so this was flat out my favourite read of the week, and of the month! The no-bullshit, no-drama friendship manifesto!

You know how much I Heart Music and love sharing playlists with you… well I never thought to organise my playlists this way before! Red wine anyone??

This is why parents are more exhausted than you think they should be! After the week I’ve had, I agree with every word!

These incredible images show how babies fit into the womb! 

I loved Michaela’s 9 signs you’re entering the parenting sweet spot. We’re almost there and it’s kinda bittersweet!

These 10 dark parenting truths we never talk about were quite powerful and should be shared with all new parents-to-be I reckon!

And finally, some food for your weekend. I’m a huge sweet potato fan and this recipe looks so yum!

Do you or organise your playlists in a particular way? Do you have any dramatic friends? What’s your favourite sweet potato recipe?


Now for the Ultimate Rabbit Hole! Here’s how it works…

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5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #68

  1. Get well soon lovely.
    I do organise my music, but I’ve never heard of that way before, I love it!
    I might have to try that sweet potato salad, after all it has bacon in it!
    I’m off to check out the rest of the links, have a relaxing weekend and here’s to a healthier week for you xx

  2. I’m off to read ‘The no-bullshit, no-drama friendship manifesto!’ I’ve decided after turning 30 that I no longer need to put up with bullshit and drama in my life. Thanks for hosting this wonderful link up xo

  3. Oh I hope you feel better and get to recharge your batteries this weekend. I’m a huge sweet potato fan, and posted my own sweet potato recipe this week – stuffed pulled pork sweet potatoes. So much nom! Feel better soon x

  4. I’m so disorganised when it comes to playlists. They are all in my head and I really need to do something about getting things sorted. I’ve been lazy and listening to genre stations on Pandora instead. Part of me likes the anticipation of finding out which song comes next! Hope you are feeling better soon xx

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