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Yoga… from my first class… hooked. Completely hooked!

I’ve dabbled in a few sports and hobbies over the years, but yoga is the one that’s always been a constant and the only place I truly feel 100% myself.

My dream is to one day study it in greater depth and I’d love to become a teacher. In the meantime, I’ll keep rolling out the mat and work on becoming a better student whilst being inspired by some awesome yogis.

One of who is my friend Katie G. I met Katie at Summer camp in Maine, USA where we both worked as counsellors 15 years ago. The Aussies and the Brits bonded from the get go {after we hilariously discovered we had different definitions for the word ‘spunk’} and we’ve kept in touch ever since.

Katie G
Katie G

I’ve loved watching her follow her dreams and become a yoga teacher, teaching children, the elderly and even some of the UK’s Olympic athletes, making yoga accessable for all.

Katie has been practising Yoga since 2006. On her travels Katie decided she wanted to ‘view’ the cities from a Yoga perspective. So she created The UpsideDown Project.

The aim of the project is to bring yoga, and the art of being upside down, into people’s everyday experiences. Katie says,


“By doing the unpredictable in our shared urban environments, we remind ourselves that we are capable of doing so MUCH more. When we go upside down, we choose to view the familiar from a new angle and, in this way, we can uncover new meanings and hidden truths in our everyday landscapes. It reminds us that life can be how you choose to live it.”

The UpsideDown Project started life as a journey through the New York underground capturing images in iconic places. After the success of this first run, Katie felt the project could be broader; not only recording the upside down aspect but also documenting people’s reactions to seeing something different and unusual in familiar places. So with a group of talented photographers, she visited London, Paris and Manchester to repeat the process.

NY Upsidedown

This series of photographs captures Katie quite literally upside down in front of iconic city landscapes, creating a new perspective on how we view the world.


Having selected a number of photographers, all local to the cities she has visited, the photographs not only capture Katie’s ‘Joie De Vivre’ attitude to life, they also pick up the subtle traits of an everyday city.


Katie’s favourites are the photos that show authority, like the American soldiers (In NYC), NYPD, Bobbies, British soldier, and the Dutch police ladies. She loves the war and peace element.


“I want to take yoga away from the insular spaces and ‘off the mat’, to where ordinary people walk, work and live.”






paris 2

paris 5

You can find more of Katie’s UpsideDown Project photos on her website. 

headstandHeadstand is one of my fave Yoga poses. If you want to attempt it, here’s a good sequence to help you build up to it. It’s a tough one, so take your time getting there.

I think Katie needs to capture some UpsideDown, down under! Don’t you think?


Which is your fave UpsideDown pic?

Do you share my love of Yoga? What’s your favourite pose?

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33 thoughts on “The UpsideDown Project

  1. What cool photos! I am the world’s original cardboard yogi – my body is just not bendy. I definitely think Katie should pay us a visit. There’s no better place to go upside down than in the land that is upside down! Come on over, Katie! PS While we’re waiting for Katie, perhaps we should have a photo shoot of our own. You do the headstands, and I’ll take the snaps!

    1. Cardboard yogi! Ha! Good thing about yoga is that you dont have to be a bendy person to do it. ANyone can do it!
      And I love the idea of a photo shoot… would make Katie proud! xx

  2. What a unique concept! As a child I tried to teach myself how to do handstands and headstands. I practiced against my wardrobe door and one day ended up putting my foot through the wardrobe door! That bit of home renovation ended my head standing career!

    1. Oh dear Ingrid! I was always upside down as a kid too.
      As an adult when I was first attempting headstand at yoga I remember being terrified. Adults just don’t do upside down quite like kids can. xx

  3. What a fabulous idea. I love the clogs pic! I would break my neck (or someone else’s) if I attempted this. Even at my fittest, most flexible best I am supremely unco. #teamIBOT

    1. I reckon you could do it Em! The clogs pic is a good one isnt it. I’d love to see the pics Katie could take in Australia!
      Cant believe I didnt get to meet you at PB! I think I saw you from a distance a few times, but just needed more down time to be able to connect with more people. Hope you had a great time. Your tweets were awesome! xx

    1. Oh you totally should Lauren! In pregnancy apparently you’re extra bendy as well due to all those hormones helping relax your muscles. Give it a shot and let me know how you go Bendy one! ;)

  4. OMG this is brilliant! What amazing photos and what a powerful idea. I really love the one with the Beefeater – I loved that he’s managed to keep that stern and unruffled expression like there ain’t nothin’ weird going on….

    1. nuthin weird at all! The beefeater one is my fave too.
      So so good to meet you at PB, even if it was just briefly. HOpe you had a great time… back to reality now. xx

  5. Om om om Shannon, wow, thank you for sharing. Cool! The idea of being “Upside down down under” sounds awesome! I would love to come visit…hopefully in the near future…and we can do collective headstand shots. Yeaha! Totally get some images put together, amazing! We can share yoga love globally. Beautiful. Om Shanthi xx

    1. Oh thank you for sharing your awesome project hun! I absolutely love it and yes, you must come down under again soon to go upsidedown down under! I can see a whole new photo series already… harbour bridge, opera house, Uluru! Love and hugs my beautiful friend. xx

    1. Thanks Lovely. It is a lovely friendship that we’ve managed to keep across the miles. Thank goodness for facebook huh!
      I’ll keep trying to talk her into coming to Australia! xx

  6. I love this idea. Kate sounds like so much fun. My favourite is the one with the clogs – it feels like she is really part of the culture. As a yoga teacher I’m all for getting yoga off the mat and into life, in all it’s forms. Upside down is a great perspective, and even if people just do a deep forward fold or downward dog they are getting a new perspective. great post.

    1. You are so right Kathy! A simple downward dog can give you a different perspective, and it just feels so great too!
      So glad you enjoyed Katie’s pics. I love the clogs pic too. Thanks so much for popping by xx

  7. Love this and those last french ones are my favourite. I do love yoga but find it hard to fit into my day at the moment. There is a pretty good app I have been told about but still I’m unsure when it can happen. Next year maybe.

    1. It is hard to do at home I find. I have good intentions but it never quite happens. If I try to the kids think its time to climb on mum and the dog comes and lays on my mat. There are some pretty good apps though. Check out Tara Styles Fitstar yoga app. (she’s my yoga crush!) xx

    1. haha.. yes, some styles are a bit boring I must say. Ashtanga is my fave, a bit more vigourous and feels like a total workout. xx

  8. I can’t go past the pose in Paris…that’s a gem. Love it.

    And sigh…I’ve tried yoga and it just hasn’t clicked for me…yet……but I keep trying because I know it has such great benefits for your health (and flexibility) so I think it’s a matter of finding the right one for me!

    1. I know what you mean Leanne. I’ve tried all the yoga styles and definitely have my faves (ashtanga and bikram). Keep trying! xx

    1. Thanks Fairlie. I just loved the whole project too.
      Keep up the practice, I’m sure the headstand will just click for you one day when you are ready. Thanks so much for popping by. xx

    1. Oh wow Amanda. He must have been super strong! Great idea to photograph it all over the world too! Thanks so much for stopping by xx

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