The Link List 4

The Link List

Hello Hello,

Its Fri-yay! I hope you have had a great week! How are those of you with kids on school holidays coping? Ready to send them back yet?!

I’ve had a pretty good week. Very excited as behind the scenes, Brooke from The Lover Lab has been giving my little blog a bit of a make over and it’s close to being complete.  In fact, you may even be seeing it right now!


Carly & ChristinaI’m also super excited to be off to the Little Blog Big workshop tomorrow, run by the uber talented Carly from Smaggle and Christina from Hair Romance. (pictured left) Cant wait to meet them both, learn as much as I can and see some of my awesome Bloggy friends. (photo source)

In the meantime, here’s some gold I’ve stumbled upon this week…

If you love reading blogs as much as I do, Fleur from Our Urban Box wrote a cracker of a post on how to support your favourite bloggers. We really do love a bit of comment love!

Speaking of bloggers, two of the my faves, Emma Kate Co and Jacklyn from Blog Society have teamed up in a collective celebration of self care during April, offering a free printable each week. Come and join the celebration… frame them, pop them on your vision board and share on social media tagging #bloglovefest and don’t forget to take some time out for just YOU!

I shared these Shedquarters the other day on the facebook page, then I saw these She-she-sheds-12Sheds and OMG!! I now want to turn the kids cubby house into a She-Shed. Surely they wouldn’t mind?! #3 is my fave (pictured). Which do you like?

You know how much I love an Ikea hack, check out these ones for nursery’s. I adore #8!

The lovely Arlene from Starrtrekking joined me on my2morrows with this guest post during Autism Awareness Week, sharing some honest tips on how best to support families affected by Autism. With 1 in 100 of our kids having Autism, chances are you know someone who would greatly appreciate a casserole and some wine!

And on the work/career front, this article about The Motherhood Penalty raises the question… how are we meant to ‘lean in’ anyway?

Enjoy the links and have a wonderful week end!





As you head into the week end, how are you taking some time for you?

Has the Motherhood Penalty affected you?

How would you theme your She-Shed?

9 thoughts on “The Link List 4

  1. Nice post Shan. As you know I always read articles about paid working mum’s with interest. I’ve gotta say, with the exception of lower super balance and reduced earnings for the specific period taken as maternity leave I don’t believe any of the other issues occurs where I work. In fact sometimes I see the opposite!
    What may surprise most is that my company is management consulting /professional services with the primary qualification being engineering. I think a lot of people would assume that sector to be more backward – if only they knew of us and the “culture” we have built – beware assumption!!
    Even though we are relatively progressive we struggle to attract women – but that leads to whole other stories about recruitment strategies and tertiary pathways for women (and men too).
    Right now back to the pillow. Damn insomnia!
    Oh a final note. I think some of the statistics in that article are open to challenge (you know what they say about stats and numbers don’t you?) Fancy a coffee to debate a few of them?

    1. Haha. Pop the kettle on Matt!
      That’s great your company has made ways with the culture, etc. I’ve actually heard of other engineering companies being innovative in this space too and more female grads coming through the ranks so maybe those tertiary pathways are being explored by more gals after all!
      Rest well! Insomnia is a bitch! xx

  2. Love the new look! I love those shedquarters – there’s a whole TV programme about teeny tiny dwellings just like this and it’s fascinating. I’d love one but first I need a garden, I don’t think my balcony is quite big enough! I loved Arlene’s post – it was one of my faves of the week and I’ll see you at Little Blog Big. Let the good times roll! Happy weekend! xx

    1. Thanks lovely. Glad you like the new look!
      I totally need to find that tv program! And thanks for sharing Arlene’s post! Xx

  3. People are so clever with their Ikea hacks. I find it challenge enough just to put the stuff together according to the instructions. In fact we have a new cabinet for all the lego waiting to be put together today. Not really looking forward to that.

    Lovely to see you yesterday and I just adore the gold logo and signature.

    1. Oh thank you lovely. So glad you like the new look.
      I struggle just going to Ikea, let along building those flat packs! I’m surprised our marriage has held up actually :)
      Hope you got the lego cabinet built with no tears! And it was fab to see you yesterday and share such a great day. I’m still buzzing! xx

    1. Oh wow Luisa. You must be so clever. I struggle just to get to Ikea and navigate through that maze, let along build the things and then look to hack it! I’d love to see some of your Ikea hacks! Thanks for popping by. xx

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