Things That Scare You As An Adult But Never Did As A Kid

things that scare you as an adult

Have you tried to do a handstand recently? How bout a cartwheel? I have and it was completely terrifying.

Is it just me, or have you also noticed that things that were second nature as a kid are now quite scary as an adult?

Things that scare you as an adult but never did as a kid

The Dentist

As a kid I had teeth pulled, braces, fillings, wisdom teeth out, locals, generals… Pretty much the works. But the other day getting a check up and clean I was really anxious.


Then the other day Miss 6 asked me to show her how to do a handstand. I though to myself, well it’s been a while, but whatever… I’ve got this! But when it came time to actually do it, I froze, terrified. I ended up finding the courage somewhere but almost pulled a hammy in the process. Even a somersault scares the bejesus out of me!


I love flying. I love everything about it… airports, take off, landing and I especially love that glass of wine or 2 up in the air. But since having kids, I’ve become a little more anxious about flying. Especially when the whole fam is on the same plane… and there’s turbulence!

Adrenalin Sports

I’ve never sky dived or bungee jumped but there was a time when I probably would have. I just never got around to it and I’ve now totally missed that boat, because there’s no way I’d attempt those things these days. Even snowboarding, something I did for years before kids scares me a bit now. What if I got a head injury or something?

Theme Park Rides

I used to love rides. The scarier and more vomit inducing the better. (Graviton anyone?) But these days… call me boring, I just don’t care… the kiddie roller coaster at Seaworld is about my limit!


I grew up in the Great White Capital of Australia, Port Lincoln South Australia and my childhood was spent in and on the water. But these days, I’m so overly cautious about swimming in the ocean when we visit. As a kid, it didn’t cross my mind much at all, even at sailing when the 2 person boat would capsize.

Body Piercings

I’d really like another ear piercing but I’m too freakin scared to get one! Crazy considering I did it as a young kid and also had a belly piercing as a teen. And I always wanted a nose piercing too but after watching some YouTube videos there’s just no way. (Plus it’s a bit mid life crisis like and the Huz would hate it).


I once had a boyfriend who owned a Ducati. My bad boy phase you could say. Fun times but oh my gosh.. these days motorbikes terrify me!


I’m so glad I didn’t get one when I was in my teens or 20’s, but I really really want one now. But yep… I’m terrified. On a scale of 1 to childbirth… how painful is it really? I could still be talked into it, but I think I need to take some brave pills and toughen up princess!

I guess it’s only natural to become more cautious as you get older and even more so when you become a parent. Maybe when the kids are adults I’ll get braver again??!

What’s something you used to do as a kid but now scares you? Have you become more cautious as you’ve got older? Or since having children? How painful are tattoos on a scale of 1 to childbirth?

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43 thoughts on “Things That Scare You As An Adult But Never Did As A Kid

  1. I loved rides at the fairground and never felt squeamish, but ever since I had my first child my stomach lurches even when going high on a simple swing in the park. Body change more than fear for me I think!

    1. Good point Annette. I hadn’t even thought that could be a factor. I get queezy on a swing too! Thanks for popping by. Xx

    1. oh holy crap Raychael.. I have a feeling you will be fine with the tat! Good luck and hope to hear all about it when you do decide to get one! xx

  2. I was scared of everything and still am, although my flying phobia has definitely increased in intensity as I have with age! I can’t venture an opinion on childbirth, but tattoos really don’t hurt or if they do, I can’t remember. It’s more like acute discomfort rather than intense pain. I’d love to have more tattoos and piercings, but I’m running out of space! PS If you want to tat, I’ll come and hold your hand. (I’m such an enabler!)

    1. Acute discomfort I should be ok with! Kinda wish I did it when I was younger (and invincible), but if I did I would have ended up with something terrible I’m sure. Did the nose piercing hurt? xx

  3. Can’t help you on the answer to the tatto question unfortunately but I did pull a hammy trying to do a cartwheel for the girls so not going there again. I think Im extra cautious as a parent now and I’m with you on the flying but my motion sickness has gotten worse as I’ve got older too so I think it’s that rather than fear.

  4. OMG. You are so right. Cartwheels scared me, then I had to start doing them as a cheerleading coach, then they scared me even more because I’d end up “disabled” for days afterward. Who knew it took that many muscles? As a kid it was so easy.

    1. Oh yes.. that is absolutely the biggest fear!
      I’m thinking I’ll be more open to things again and less scared when the kids are adults.. maybe!? ;)

  5. My list would be exactly the same, with the exception of the tattoo’s, I have two and would happily have more. Yes they hurt, BUT unlike childbirth, you can take a break. Depending on where you get them, they could hurt very little. I am the biggest chicken, but my two are on my ribs and I got through them both ok. Good luck!!

  6. I think we might be opposite! I ended up marrying a guy who jumps off cliffs, paragliding and base jumping. The base jumping has stopped THANK GOODNESS, but I have faced my fear of heights and went tandem with his mate paragliding. I’m also getting a tattoo next week (at aged 34) and do a 2km ocean swim each week. There was a summer when I was 10 or 12 that I didn’t get in the ocean for a whole summer due to being scared of sharks! Still hate the dentist though. Visiting from #IBOT. Ps. Also did my first handstand at yoga on the weekend!

    1. Yay for the Yoga handstand. I can do a headstand which for some reason isn’t anywhere near as scary as the handstand. Maybe one day I’ll get there again.
      Awesome work facing your fear of heights too and getting a tat! So impressed… come back and tell me how much it hurts ok! ;)

  7. Yes to all of these, sadly :( Although, I would love to go for a ride in a fighter jet. I know I’d be totally scared, and would definitely vomit, but I’d still love to do it.

  8. I so don’t want to get a tattoo! But I have always said to my older boys that as soon as they get one, I will too… so maybe I will one day. My wee lass does handstands and back flips and all sorts and I never could – my back twinges just watching. BUT… love ocean swimming and flying too!

  9. I took my kids rollerskating one school holidays; I used to be quite good at it. OMG 20 years later it’s not as easy as it used to be – I was struggling to even stay upright!!!! But my biggest fear as an adult is probably dentist related – pretty sure my wisdom teeth need to come out but I’m dreading it and avoiding it … ostrich who me?

  10. Ha! This list is pretty much me too! I’m not sure I could physically do a handstand or somersault! I have a little tattoo so I can strike that from the list but there’s no way you’d get me sky diving or bungee jumping, I have a massive fear of heights, something I never had as a kid!! xx

      1. There is a long story attached to my tattoo, which I won’t go into now, I will have to find the link to the post I wrote on it a while back, but it’s in the usual “tramp stamp” location at the base of my spine, but I didn’t want anyone to see it, it was for me. And yes, it hurt! I cannot image how people make it through those full body elaborately drawn & coloured tattoos!!!! Eeek!

    1. I remember riding around Bali and Mykonos in Greece on a motorbike… so fun and so free. But I wouldn’t do it these days! Too scary! xx

  11. Oh it’s AUSTRALIA waters that scare me…haha…I don’t think I can blame betting older! Trampolines scare me now. My sister and I used to push ours (the one without sides or pads) to the play house and jump FROM THE ROOF onto the trampoline. Now if my son is on one without sides I’m like a crazy hover parent! How ironic haha.

    1. I think we’re all guilty of helicopter parenting these days aren’t we! How brave you were jumping form the play house roof! OMG! xx

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