Too Busy Sleeping

too busy sleeping

My brother and I are like chalk and cheese and our lives could not be more different. But as far as sibling relationships go, we’ve been pretty close from the get go. I remember when he was a newborn, all I wanted to do was play mum with this new real life doll. But all he did was cry and sleep.

meeting new baby
Meeting her baby brother for the first time with Nanna.

Fast forward to when I had my own children, and a similar theme emerged when my little Mr came along. We tried to best prepare our little Miss for the arrival of her baby sibling.

But the books we had were all about encouraging her to step up as big sister and preparing her to deal with jealousy, when the reality was she was still a baby herself and there actually wasn’t any jealously at all. It was just a really beautiful time.

I was recently sent a copy of a new children’s book, Too Busy Sleeping to review and gosh I wish I had this book back then. Too Busy Sleeping is lovingly written by Children’s author, Zanni Louise with the most divine watercolour and collage illustrations by Award winning illustrator Anna Pignataro.

Zanni wanted Too Busy Sleeping to capture the strong emotion the older child experiences on their first day with a new sibling and the reality of those early days and weeks and she’s captured this beautifully from page one.

too busy sleeping

In Too Busy Sleeping all Eleanor wants to do is play with her new baby brother Reuben. But Reuben is always too busy sleeping. She wants to take him to the park, but he’s too busy sleeping, she wants to build blocks, but he’s… you guessed it, Too Busy Sleeping!

It’s a delightful story, with a gorgeous ending that my2morrows have loved reading at bedtime. It’s also sparked memories, with Miss Six saying she remembers her brother sleeping a lot when he was a baby and when he was awake she would lie on the floor with him for tummy time. It’s so precious hearing this from her.

too busy sleeping

As I read each page to Master 4, he finishes the sentences – “Too Busy Sleeping”. It’s quickly become a favourite on high rotation with him and the other morning he woke and said, “Mummy I’ve been too busy sleeping”. So very cute.

Zanni has managed to capture this special time, realistically and in a positive light. So instead of preparing our toddlers and pre-schoolers for the onset of jealousy, we’re preparing them for the best start to their sibling relationship.

It really took me right back to that special phase in our lives with a newborn and a toddler and had me re-living that precious time all over again, as hazy as it was!

Too busy sleeping would be a welcome addition to your child’s book collection and would also make the perfect gift. It’s available now at  and you can find Zanni here on facebook.

This book was gifted for the purpose of this review. I’ll only ever recommend products I’d happily spend money on myself. 

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25 thoughts on “Too Busy Sleeping

    1. you’re so right Vanessa. They are such adaptable little things aren’t they and its often our anxiety about these things more than the childs! Thanks for popping by. xx

  1. I think this is such a lovely idea for a storybook, and something that’s definitely needed. Adding a sibling is not the horrible thing it’s made out to be, but actually really, really beautiful.

    1. 3 under 3! wow Raychael! And don’t those early memories fade over time. That’s what I loved about reading this book to my kids.. it brought it all back. xx

  2. What beautiful illustrations. We have issues with one little one ‘too busy sleeping’ at the moment. Mummy is very happy with it but Ari has begun going to wake her before I can grab him… but then she is awake grabbing at his toys… guess who wishes she was ‘too busy sleeping’ then!

    1. My absolute pleasure Zanni! Thank you for sharing the joy of Too Busy Sleeping and all the best with the rest of the book tour! xx

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