Ultimate Rabbit Hole #23


Hello Hello,

Whoa… what a week! A big week, but a good week. My little lady turned 6!  And I went and saw Les Misérables, which was incredible AND… we were front row!  I love me a musical but have never sat in the front row before and it was quite the experience.

Today we will be celebrating Miss 6’s birthday with a craft party which should be fun. I’ll report back on that one here on the blog, in the meantime, here’s what I’ve found around the place lately. A bit of a travel theme this week…

My2Morrows_Transparent_Black-FaviconFriends of ours are travelling Europe at the moment and every morning I wake to new photos in my feed. Cue a huge case of Wanderlust, which this post –  top 25 best destinations in the world only added to! I’ve done 14, still more to tick off!

My2Morrows_Transparent_Black-FaviconWhile we are on the topic of travel, the photos in this post are just divine and will have you wanting to jump on a plane to Mykonos right away. Such a special place as it’s where my parents met!

My2Morrows_Transparent_Black-FaviconStill on the topic of travel, this post from Kirralee at Escape with kids was one of my fave posts from last week’s Ultimate Rabbit Hole! If you can’t go travelling right now, why not splash some sunshine on your wall with a travel poster!

My2Morrows_Transparent_Black-FaviconI get so confused over nail and toe polish combos. Are you meant to go all matchy matchy, or go different hues on your nails and toes? This now has me sorted!

My2Morrows_Transparent_Black-FaviconAnd finally, when you meet someone for the time, do you ask them what they do for a living? If so, you need to read this! 

How many of the top 25 destinations have you been to? Have you been to Mykonos? Have you seen Les Mis?

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18 thoughts on “Ultimate Rabbit Hole #23

  1. I’ve only managed nine of the top 25, time to dust off my passport, me thinks! That mani/pedi post is ace, I’m a huge fan of nude/red combo myself! And how good was Les Mis? I first saw it in London years ago, and it was as awesome as I remember, only more awesome! I bet it was even better on the front row! Happy weekend! xx

  2. I’ve only visited 6 of those cities, although 8 of those countries & will be ticking one more off hopefully next year with Budapest. Les Mis I’ve only seen the movie version lol but Hugh Jackman ;)

    1. Budapest sounds amazing. I’m yet to add that one to my list! And I’m also yet to see Les Mis the movie… best get onto that! I do love Mr Jackman!
      Thanks for popping by Holly! xx

  3. I had to add my last canadian travel post to your travel thematic today! That might add more wanderlust haha. I have 10 on the 25 list destinations. I’m surprised of their 25 choices but… It’s like, only big cities and that’s all. If you follow my canadian serie you ‘ll see how we love to slow travel and not doing the fast visiting. Have a nice we dear. I ‘ll have to check this think about nails. I’m quite intrigued! haha cathy

    1. I loved your Canadian post. I now need to go back and ready your previous ones. And I love the idea of slow travel. With kids, its such a good way to do it. Soak it all up!
      Have a wonderful week xx

  4. I’ve only been to 4…5 after August…that is really depressing and I feel I need to go to all of them right now!!
    I am travelling down to Sydney next weekend to see Les Mis for the first time and could not be more excited!!

    1. Oh sally, you will love Les Mis! Come back and tell me all about it! Its jumped to the top of my fave musicals ive been too! Enjoy it lovely! xx

    1. Well, one of them was Sydney so not sure that really counts :)
      So many amazing places still to see though! One day! xx

    1. Oh how divine are the Green islands! so dreamy! And my pleasure re the inclusion… I loved that post and you’ve got me thinking about what to put on my walls! xx

  5. Travel was my thing back in the day so have been to 17 but want to get to the rest one day,hopefully! I was having the matchy matchy no matchy matchy nail discussion with some friends the other day – I will have to show them the link and come spring I might have to try the white and navy combo. Hope the birthday party was a good one. Thanks for hosting x

    1. 17 wow! That’s some serious travel indeed! I’m sure you have some amazing memories.
      I love the white/navy combo too. I need to get the navy polish Jess recommended on her blog a few weeks back! I cant remember the name of it off the top of my head but it looks divine!
      Hope you had a fab week end lovely! xx

  6. That Top 25 list is just what I needed as I battle my toddler into nap time. (She’s currently calling out “Mamma! PLAY!” from her cot. GO TO SLEEP!) I’ve managed 10 but am going to sit here and day dream about Istanbul (and hope that the kid JUST GOES TO SLEEP!)

    1. Oh Istanbul is high on my list too!
      10 is a lot too! Always so much more of the world to see isnt there. I hope your little miss went to sleep so you could do some travel dreaming! xx

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