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Hello Hello!

I hope you have had a good week. I can’t quite believe it’s the last week of school? Didn’t we just have school holidays? How was that term possibly 10 weeks long?

I’m really looking forward to spending some time with my little Miss, and my Niece and Nephew who are visiting from interstate. It so lovely to see the cousins all together. But as I’m learning, school holidays bring a whole new level of organisation!

And yay for the Winter solstice! Spring/Summer will be here before we know it and that thought makes me very VERY happy!

In the meantime, I’m making the most of my wardrobe… coats, boots and scarves are some of my fave pieces. A denim jacket is also a wardrobe must in my book. It works for all seasons, and I loved this awesome selection from Harper and Harley.

And while we’re talking denim, here’s a cool video – how to DIY distress denim.

Before Hipsters we had yuppies, but have you wondered what comes after the hipster? Well, wonder no more.

I’m more of a beach girl, but I can totally see myself poolside with a cocktail at any one of these! Maybe one day!

I’ve been dabbling in the 30 day de-clutter challenge from Michelle at an organised life  so I was very interested to read about this method. Not sure I could do it being the sentimental hoarder that I am but it make so much sense! Why surround ourselves with things that don’t spark joy?

Have you ever distressed your own denim? Are you more of a beach or pool person? Do you have any crazy methods for de-cluttering? Whats’s one thing that sparks joy in your life?

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20 thoughts on “Ultimate Rabbit Hole #24

  1. I am a beach girl, but since owning a pool for the first time nothing beats not having to find a carpark and run across hot sand…I love it! So fun for entertaining and poolside BBQs in summer time. Best decluttering tip – don’t have one of ‘those’ drawers, you know the one you put receipts, spare keys, bills, crap and odd bits in? I got rid of mine and I now don’t hold onto crap that I don’t need, its great!
    PS: have you designed a new header, I am seriously in love with the foil look and feathers!!! x

    1. Oh Thank you so much Ashlea! The 2 feathers represent my2morrows and a reminder to be cheerful and light-hearted, to be present. So glad you like it!
      And i totally get the pool/BBQ thing. With 2 small kids… our car pretty is a beach after one beach visit. So much freakin sand! Bring on summer huh!
      I have one of those draws, and one of those ‘bowls’ too. everything random seems to accumulate there. I cant seem to stop it! I really should try and take your advice and get rid of it. xx

  2. I’m a pool girl through and through. I like looking at the beach and love walking on it but that’s about it! Those pools were just dreamy. That declutter method is a bit like Feng Shui, if you don’t need it and you don’t love it, you should chuck it! Happy Holidays! Xx

    1. I’m coming around re that method… it really makes so much sense, in all facets of life… things, friends, food, etc!
      Hope your wk end away was magical! xx

    1. Oh yes, we don’t often think about that do we! Give them a couple of washes pre wearing and I’m sure they will be fine! xx

    1. this year is flying by so quickly. I know everyone says that but it really does! Loving the Declutter challenge… just need to get better at actually letting things go! xx

  3. I love the inbetween seasons the most, autumn and spring. My fav.
    We live out west so it get HOT in summer and theres no sea breeze so it’s not ok, it’s just f’ing hot! Winter I don’t mind if I can rug up and turn on fire places. Plus we go to the snow every year our family trip and it’s always good with the kids, this year my SIL is coming with her 4 kids so it will be even more exciting for the kids.
    I think I am having them all over next weekend too, so think of me next weekend and my house full of 6 kids… we are totally out numbered. lol
    As for declutter, I wait till my husband goes snowboarding with mates and I hire a skip and clean out the garage… best thing ever because he doesnt get to say “lets keep it, just incase”… I’m a bit ruthless like that. lol
    Happy Weekend! x

    1. Oh Kim… that’s the way to do it! My huz is going away soon, maybe I should take your advice and just get ruthless with the de-cluttering! Funny thing is, he probably wont even notice!
      Family snow trip sounds amazing. We used to go twice a year pre-kids but have not been once since they arrived. Must get onto that. I think they would love it at the ages they are now. And we can pop them into ski school and have some quality on snow time too! Bit worried about your parent to kid ratio though haha :)
      Completely agree re the in-between seasons… they are my faves too. Bring on spring huh! xx

    1. me too Karin. Have even been known to dabble in a bit of double denim from time to time… such is my love of that fabric! haha!
      Hope your wk end was fab too lovely xx

  4. You know I just had a weekend in Melb and man there are some hipsters there, or maybe the males just have beards because it’s so cold! I actually like the sound of a Yuccie! Here’s to surviving the school holidays, it feels like we just had the last ones. Thanks for linky

    1. Thanks Emily! First monday of the holidays and I’m already exhausted. Hope you are holding up ok ;)
      I like the sound of a yuccie too. Is less about the ‘look’ and more about the person, their creativity etc! If I was a bloke and lived in Melb, I’d totally grow a beard to keep me warm ;)
      Thanks for stopping by lovely. xx

  5. I feel like we only got about a week of winter here in Brisbane, the days are already starting to warm up again. Trying to stretch out use of my boots while I still can!! Although I am a bit excited to get back to the beach again :) I am also a sentimental hoarder…I have a three times throw out rule. I always allow my self three times to try and justify an item on the third go if I can’t then it gets binned. It helps get rid of my attachment!

    1. That is a great strategy Sally! I really should try that one!
      You are so lucky with the mild winters you have. I feel like Sydney has been particularly cold this year. Or maybe I’m just getting old and noticing the cold more ;)
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get more wear out of your boots before spring :) xx

  6. Look how many fabulous linker you have! I’m a beach person for sure, that’s what makes me spark for joy. We are doing our own declutter challenge at the moment, there is nothing like moving interstate to make you get rid of things! Yesterday we culled the Barbies, today it’s every top drawer in the house, then the kids art works…..in between having some holiday fun!

    1. Oh wow vicki. Nothing like a move to motivate the de-cluttering. I’m glad you are having some holiday fun too though. Super important.
      I’d find it so hard to cull the kids art! Good luck lovely xx

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