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10 on 10 November – Under The Sea

One of the best parts of our recent Seaworld holiday was the sealife!

I grew up on and in the Ocean so sea life has always completely fascinated me. I have mixed feelings about animals in captivity. I’m really torn because I love to see them and learn more about them, and I know they are well looked after, but it still makes me a bit sad. I love seeing the, but I love seeing them in the wild more.

Nevertheless, it was great to teach my2morrows a little something about these wonderful creatures so here’s my fave 10 photos of the marine life at Seaworld from our recent trip. All un-edited and taken with my new Olympus Pen camera, which I’m still learning how to use but totally in love with!

PA170119 PA170168 PA170185 PA170245 PA170252 PA180287 PA190318 PA210418 PA210419 PA210431

Isn’t that polar bear just gorgeous! He was doing flips on the glass wall, swimming back and forth. It was super cool to watch. And look at the size of his paw!

Now pop on over to see new mumma Lauren from Life at Number Five and see what she’s been up to, then follow the circle until you get back to me.


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48 thoughts on “Under the Sea

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t realise you were that close Lauren. Bet the boys love having that on their door step!
      So lucky and something for everyone! xx

  1. I love Seaworld! My cousin works there with the dolphins and I tell her she has the best job in the world but she is convinced the dolphins hate her. They deliberately splash her and push her in the water when she doesn’t want to get wet! Great photos!! x

  2. I felt the same when we went to Seaworld in March. As much as the dolphins looked like they were having fun, I wondered if they would be happier in the wild.
    Beautiful pics by the way. The polar bear paw is very cool.

    1. Thanks Jess.
      I guess the dolphins probably don’t know any different. I hope so anyway. They are just the most gorgeous creatures and the polar bear stole my heart too! xx

    1. Thanks Renee. The polar bear was super cool.
      I’m sure your kids would love it.. definitely get there one day if you can. There’s something for everyone. xx

  3. Some great photos. I love Seaworld (and we are lucky to live on the coast but don’t have the VIP pass this year). I could stare at the aquarium for hours and when the polar bears get active they are amazing to watch how agile swimmers they are.

    1. They are so fascinating aren’t they! Lucky to live so close, such a great place to be able to visit regularly.
      Thanks for popping by Kathy! xx

    1. They do an amazing job don’t they! It was such a fun trip, the kids keep asking when we are going again! THanks for popping by Mica! xx

  4. I love the shots of the polar bear! That one of his paw is gorgeous & catches my eye. I also love that last one of the starfish – what a great captures!

    I’m with you on animals in captivity. I love to see them because when else am I going to get that chance but it makes me sad that are where they don’t really belong.

    1. Oh I know Jen.. I guess we cant think to much about it and just enjoy learning about them and know they are treated well in captivity. xx

  5. Oh that polar bear is gorgeous! I hear they can be pretty viscous though…no!! I’m totally with you on the “do we keep them enclosed or let into the wild” confusion. I think now days, there are so many watch dogs on their back that the only type of care for these sorts of animals in wildlife place is THE BEST CARE. That’s what I’m hoping anyways. Gorgeous pics – how cool are our new Olympus cameras – I love it!!!! xx

    1. I’m with ya hun. They are the best aren’t they! But I’m glad I never went through with getting a dolphin tattoo!

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